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RTVMask Sport Mask

During the pandemic, the face mask has become a part of our daily life, and it is very important to wear a suitable face mask for exercise or training. Although most sports masks cannot filter viruses, the RTV Mask is a sports mask made in Taiwan with a membrane filter at 75nm to filter viruses. The Nelson Labs test also shows that the filtration efficiency of the 75nm membrane filter is up to ≥99%! Sport lovers must try it to feel the difference.
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RTVMask Sport Mask

Although the pandemic continues, to ensure safe and worry-free training, Dodo has tried the Black Matt Micro Current Electric Field Filter Mask for Sports @rtvmask.taiwan over a two-week training session.
Cycling🚴🏻‍♂️ field test, gym routine strength training (squats) or weight training, and indoor running🏃‍♀️ in poor weather. Actually, this mask's breathing effect and air permeability outperform ordinary medical or fabric face masks. It is like an oxygen mask for users to breathe freely. When we speak, the spatial effect is also good, and the stuffiness of face masks is reduced for users for better sports performance💪.
✅One-day N99-grade PTEE filer for air inlets on both sides, requiring daily replacement!
✅Made of silicone rubber for 100% water resistance. Easy to clean and dry sweat, vapor, and saliva left inside.
✅Either wash with water or clean with alcohol after use. Easy to keep clean and hygienic.
✅Non-medical-grade face mask proven effective to protect against bacteria and viruses!
✅Equipped with wristwatch-strap-like straps (easy installation is required) for easy carrying. The overall design and material are classy.
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RTVMask Sport Mask

Thanks, RTV SPORTS MASK, for seeing my sports needs.
I need to breathe frequently when I exercise, and the face mask often blocks my nostrils, disrupting my training tempo.

The RTV SPORTS MASK is a silicone mask that makes air cleaner through filtration.
The noise strip is made of titanium to easily adjust the nose bridge in different shapes to ensure maximum tightness.
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RTVMask Sport Mask

CrossFit Angie Day 4
Pull up*100
Push up*100
Sit up*100
Air squat*100
After training for two consecutive days, pressure in the forearm grasp began on day 3, and blisters developed at both the caudal vertebra and the palms. So, I decided to finish training the biceps, lats, pectorals, and grasp through weight training to strengthen the small arm muscles required by the motions before continuing with the targeted training the other day. I thought tiredness would spoil my performance. To my surprise, I made progress by nearly 2 minutes.

It reminded me of many past experiences: Training without methods was inefficient and very hardcore. It was also tough to mind training in the process and took lots of time with only limited effectiveness.
Also, tiredness may cause unexpected injuries. In the training process, it is necessary to timely consider the milestones and the importance of motion optimization to achieve the goal more smartly and smoothly.

Thanks to @rtvmask.taiwan sports mask for allowing me to finish training without disruption.
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Oxygen Caffeine Energy™

Mountain trail running coach—Norman A 42km full marathon runner.

With his 40-49 years old age, he can still perform outstanding key data of 47 VO2max fitness level by taking Oxygen Caffeine Energy™.

Using pure Oxygen Caffeine Energy™ 1 hour before exercise is equivalent to the refreshing effect of 2 cups of 250ml black coffee. You can enhance endurance sports performance and optimize your sports performance! Running Science Physiological Measure Max Oxygen Uptake—VO2 max is the critical data for viewing, understanding, and managing your personal fitness level.
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