[Subscription] RTV Mask [Sport] PM1.0 respirator mask

RTVMask Subscription Plan Info

What's the RTVMask Subscription Plan? Why do you need to subscribe?

Since the mask filters used in the RTVMask are disposable, different filters need to be replaced after their respective expiration dates. Therefore, to prevent users from forgetting to buy the new mask filters due to busy work and reduce the financial burden on users, our team has launched RTVMask Subscription Plan.

How can I subscribe the plan?

It's very easy to subscribe to our plan. Please follow the instructions below.


Precautions of RTVMask Subscription Plan:

  1. When will I receive the product?
    We will ship the product about three working days after receiving the complete order. The product includes an RTVMask and the using length of mask filters that you choose with (1 month / 3 months / 6 months). 
  1. When will the following month's subscribed mask filters start shipping?
    We will send the quantity of your first mask filters purchase (1 month / 3 months / 6 months) 10 days before you are out of use. 
  1. When will the monthly subscription fee be charged?
    RTVMask Subscription Plan fee will be automatically deducted from the credit card you choose to pay on the 20th of each month. 
  1. How to stop my subscription?
    You can stop the RTVMask Subscription Plan by email to: cancel-subscription@rtvmask.com before the 15th of each month and tell us the order number and the recipient’s name. 
  1. Why did my subscription fail and be refunded?
    A complete order should include two items, which are [Subscription] RTV Mask [Sport] PM1.0 respirator mask and [Subscription] RTVMask Mask Filter If any of the items are missing, our staff will contact you via email and ask you to re-purchase the missing items. If you do not re-purchase or lose contact within 7 days, your subscription plan will be manually canceled, and refund the payment.