An Taiwanese Hearing-impaired Actor, Easton Dong Calls Out the "Listen Love" Project, to Raise Concerns for Hearing-impaired Students during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

A well-known Taiwanese hearing-impaired actor Easton Dong leads to launch the "Listen Love" project.

May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The "Listen Love" donation project, led by Easton Dong, a hearing-impaired actor in Taiwan, and co-sponsored by TaerInno, aims to bring transparent masks to hearing-impaired students. Mr. Dong advocates this campaign to bring people awareness of difficulties encountered by those hearing-impaired students during the pandemic, and emphasizes the value of fraternal support and caring as well as social responsibilities.

The Covid-19 pandemic made people realize the importance of mutual support and social responsibilities. Only when people start to communicate and help out instead of isolating themselves from one and another, we can eventually beat the pandemic and carry out our life through the post-pandemic era.

It is estimated that ten schools from Taiwan, Japan, India, Hong Kong, and the USA will join the "Listen Love" project to gather at least 5,000 high quality transparent antivirus facemasks. Currently, two schools, Taipei School for the Hearing Impaired and Taichung Special School for The Students with Hearing Impairments, will be the first to receive the free masks; and a total of 500 teachers and students will be benefited from this campaign.

Now, people are invited to join the "Listen Love" project through a small donation to help out hearing-impaired students worldwide.

About the initiator:

Easton Dong is a famous Taiwanese actor and artist. He was nominated for the Best Actor Award at the "Golden Bell Award," the highest honor of Taiwan's TV and radio programs with his masterpiece Island Etude (2007). He has also held a number of art exhibitions.

His hearing was impaired due to a cold caught when he was young. Therefore, he understands the learning difficulties for hearing-impaired students in the pandemic and initiates the "Listen Love" project.

The idea of Transparent Antivirus Facemasks:

The RTV facemask is a 100% transparent facemask vital to the project. It is made of a medical-grade RTV silicone rubber and its transparency allows people to see and communicate with ease. Together with the exclusive microcurrent discharge filter, it can effectively block COVID-‍19 viruses with a pore diameter at 75nm, which is finer than that of a N95 facemask. More importantly, it is reusable with a lifespan of 3 years to significantly reduce environmental hazards. Besides meeting the needs of hearing-impaired students, the RTV facemask is eco-friendly.

More about the RTV facemask:

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